Mission Statement

At Heart & Soul Mobile we seek to provide education of the highest standards in all aspects of basic safety and lifesaving measures tailored to fit your schedule. By offering flexible training opportunities to personal, business, and healthcare populations, we aim to promote a community in which lifesaving operations like CPR, AED, and basic first aid are able to be performed by anyone with accuracy and confidence in emergency situations.

About Me

Welcome to Heart and Soul Mobile!

My name is Justine Witkovsky and I’m the founder and owner of Heart & Soul Mobile CPR. I am a wife and mother to a big, beautifully blended, and blessed family. While chaotic, my role at home with my family is one of my most treasured.

Professionally, I am a Registered Nurse with my BSN, with 12 years of abundant experience in the healthcare field. Most of my career has been spent in emergency medicine and critical care environments. I’m actively employed as a Recovery Room Nurse. What I’ve found in all my years both personally and medically, is that we’re all in “healthcare” in one form or another. Accidents, illnesses, and emergent needs almost always happen outside of a professional medical setting. I feel everyone should have the same opportunity to respond to these situations with confidence, quickness, and the knowledge to do so, which is why I am embarking on the journey to provide flexible educational and training opportunities in basic first aid. Providing a mobile service to meet you at your convenience paired with flex scheduling to reach people with unconventional hours is our strongest avenue to ensure that all people can feel confident to react appropriately in emergency situations. By turning my personal passion for healthcare and education into an opportunity that can reach anyone on their own terms, we can ensure a safer community for everyone.

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